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USA Lacrosse Board of Directors

The development of USA Lacrosse policy and priorities is determined by the leadership of volunteers from all over the country who contribute their time and expertise to the organization as members of the Board of Directors, one of the Board Committees or on various sub-committees.

Board of Directors

Name Position Residence Term Expires
Andrew Lee Chair Colorado 7/31/2024
Sarah Bullard McDaniel Incoming Chair Colorado 7/31/2024
Beth Lyman Past Chair Minnesota 7/31/2024
Jim Kanuch Board Treasurer Virginia 7/31/2023
Ann Rodriguez Board Secretary New York 7/31/2023
Darren Lowe Executive Committee, High Performance Committee Chair and Member Experience Committee Chair Florida 7/31/2024
Christianne Malone Executive Committe, Athlete Experience Committee Vice Chair Michigan 7/31/2023
Cherie Greer Brown Sponsorship Subcommittee Florida 7/31/2023
Alex Cade Governance Committee California 7/22/2024
Kristen Carr Rep to Sports Science & Safety Committee Maryland 7/31/2023
Kevin Corrigan IMLCA Representative Indiana 7/31/2023
Tamara Floruss Member Experience Committee New Jersey 7/31/2023
Jules Heningburg   California 7/22/2024
Anna Kim Governance Committee Maryland 7/31/2023
Sarah Leary   California 7/31/2024
Whitney Nye USALF Board rep Maryland 7/22/2024
Brandon Perkins USALF Board rep Pennsylvania 7/22/2024
Mikko Red Arrow   North Carolina 7/22/2024
Courtney Farrell Shute IWLCA Representative Massachusetts 7/31/2022

Board Committees

Misconduct & Appeals Review Subcommittee

Jillian Henry (Staff Leader)Maryland
Brian MadalionNew Jersey
Ivy RicheyArizona
Michael WilsonLouisiana

Code of Ethics

Contact the Committee

Finance Committee

Name Residence
Jim Kanuch (Chair) Virginia
Cara Morris (Staff Leader) Maryland
Amy Olmert Maryland
Kendall Tyson Washington


Audit Subcommittee

Name Residence
Jim Kanuch (Chair) Virginia
Amy Olmert Maryland


Investment Subcommittee

Name Residence
Joe Dowling (Chair) Connecticut
Peter Jenkins Maryland
Cara Morris (Staff Leader) Maryland
Ted Pappendick Connecticut


Insurance/Risk Management Subcommittee

Name Residence
Joe Mannes (Chair) Texas
Caroline Cryer Colorado
Bruce Griffin Maryland
Brad Robinson Indiana


Sponsorship Subcommittee

Name Residence
(Currently under review.)


High Performance Committee

Name Residence
Darren Lowe (Chair) Florida
Kristen Carr (Vice Chair) Florida
Sarah Bullard McDaniel California
Skip Lichtfuss (Staff Leader) Maryland
Jess Wilk Virginia


National Teams Athlete Advisory Subcommittee

Name Residence
Mitch Belisle New York
Taylor Cummings Maryland
Meg Douty New Jersey
Tom Schreiber New York
Michele Tumolo Maryland
Joel White Tennessee


Sport Science and Safety Committee

Name Residence
Eugene Hong (Chair) South Carolina
David Berkoff North Carolina
Shane Caswell Virginia
Gerry Giola Maryland
Richard Hinton Maryland
Mary Ellen Kelly Pennsylvania
David Klossner Maryland
Mark Link Texas
Samantha Scarneo-Miller West Virginia
Karen Sutton Connecticut
Andrew Wolanin Pennsylvania
Jason Vescovi (Staff Liaison) Maryland
Organizational Liaisons  
David Byrnes New York
Bob Colgate Indiana
LaGywn Durden Indiana
Andy Lincoln Maryland
Matthew Nein Maryland
Mark Otto Pennsylvania
John Parsons Indiana
Nina Walker North Carolina


Research Subcommittee

Name Residence
Shane Caswell (Chair) Virginia
Eugene Hong South Carolina
Mark Link Texas
Samantha Scarneo Connecticut


Player Development & National Team Subcommittee

Name Residence
Richard Hinton (Chair) Maryland
Richard Ginsburg Massachusetts
Mary Ellen Kelly Pennsylvania
Skip Lichtfuss (Staff Liaison) Maryland
Matthew Nein Maryland
Karen Sutton Connecticut


Injury Surveillance & Prevention Subcommittee

Name Residence
David Klossner (Chair) Maryland
Jim Williams District of Columbia


Athlete Experience Committee

Name Residence
(Currently under review.)


Women's Rules Subcommittee

Name Residence
Anne Carr Pennsylvania
Angela Cherry Colorado
Mac Ford Maryland
Jeff Grose Washington
Caitlin Kelley (Staff Leader) Maryland
Barb Martinichio New York
Michael Nelson North Carolina


Men's Rules Subcommittee

Name Residence
Rick Lake (Chair) Pennsylvania
Jim Carboneau Massachusetts
Dan Coronel Nevada
Keith Glock New Jersey
Caitlin Kelley (Staff Leader) Maryland
Bobby Malone New Jersey


Coach Development & Recruitment Subcommittee

Name Residence
(Currently under review.)


Official Development & Recruitment Subcommittee

Name Residence
(Currently under review.)


Recognition & Culture Subcommittee

Name Residence
Chip Flanagan Texas
Kathy Jenkins Virginia
Caitlin Kelley (Staff Leader) Maryland
Rick Lake (Staff Leader) Pennsylvania


WCLA Subcommittee

Name Residence
Liz Holmes (Chair) Texas
Devon Combe California
Nikki Dabrowski Utah
Katie Ebert Montana
Brittany Hughes Georgia
Caitlin Kelley (Staff Leader) Maryland
Janet Lennon Jones Washington
David McKinnon Michigan
Ashley Nelson Minnesota
Elizabeth Orscheln Texas
John Pellino (Liaison)  
Kelly Ann Quinn Massachusetts
David Woodson Arizona


Member Experience Committee

Name Residence
Darren Lowe (Chair) Florida
Tamara Floruss New Jersey
Molly Ford Texas
Steve Kirr (Staff Leader) Maryland
Jon Kruse Oregon
Jennifer Nardi New York
Danny Williams Oregon


Lacrosse Organization Subcommittee

Name Residence
Omar DuPree Maryland
Eric Geringswald New York
Xavier Johnson Florida
Steve Kirr (Staff Leader) Maryland
Sophia Lugo Illinois
Jasmine Smith Pennsylvania


Sport Growth Committee

Name Residence
(Currently under review.)


Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee

Name Residence
(Currently under review.)


Governance Committee

Sarah Bullard McDaniel (Chair)California
Andrew Lee (Ex-Officio)Colorado
Beth LymanMinnesota
Alex CadeCalifornia
Anna KimMaryland
Christianne MaloneMichigan
Ann RodriguezNew York