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Supporting Resources

Educational tools and additional resources provided to supplement USA Lacrosse grants.

Physical Education Lacrosse

Physical Education Lacrosse is a co-ed adaptation of the game that utilizes modified equipment and rules and is designed for youth to achieve quick success executing the basics skills of lacrosse: cradling, scooping, passing, catching, and shooting. The modified equipment and rules do not require additional protective equipment to learn and enjoy.

Free Curriculum

Educator-friendly, easy-to-use, co-ed curriculum designed for use with soft-lacrosse equipment for safe, non-contact play. The curriculum provides age-specific unit plans, lessons, games, educational handouts, and cross-curricular activities using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach. The USA Lacrosse Physical Education Lacrosse Curriculum is aligned with national standards and was developed in partnership with SHAPE America.
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Lacrosse in Schools

A presentation template to address your school board, donors or administrators in dialogue around incorporating lacrosse in your school or community.
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Urban Lacrosse Development Guide

This resource will provide effective solutions and guidelines for new and existing urban lacrosse programs, allowing them to contribute their communities and increase their long-term ability to succeed. Understanding the distinctive nature of urban lacrosse, this document serves as a specialized resource to be used alongside the USAL New Start Manual.
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USAL New Start Manual

This manual is designed to guide you through the process of establishing a new lacrosse team or league at the youth or high school level. In addition to this guide, the USA Lacrosse website (, headquarter staff, and regional network are available to assist you.
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