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Strategic Plan

The USA Lacrosse Board of Directors adopted a five year strategic plan that will shape the organization's priorities from 2019 - 2023. The adoption was a key step in the planning process that occurred in the Spring of 2018.

The plan focuses on five key areas:

Quality Player Experience: Providing and advocating for the highest quality experience for all players at every level is imbedded in the vision and mission of USA Lacrosse. It is the most important factor in securing the future growth of the sport. USA Lacrosse will continue to be a leader in the development of best practices that promote a fun, safe and rewarding experience for players, program directors, parents, officials and coaches at all levels of the sport.

Leadership In The Sport: The future of lacrosse relies on the increased accessibility of the sport and the vitality of community, town and recreation-based programs. USA Lacrosse will continue to develop effective relationship at all levels of the sport to positively influence its development. USA Lacrosse will continue its strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion within the sport so that race, gender, sexuality and economic circumstances are not barriers to play.

Increased Brand Recognition: The challenge remains for USA Lacrosse to build awareness of its missions, and correct misperceptions of organizational role and impact within the marketplace and expand knowledge of its wide-ranging initiatives that help grow and improve the sport. More effective efforts to clarify the role of USL, communicate the value of its programs and services, and deepen the understanding of constituents regarding USA Lacrosse’s mission and vision will increase the ability of USA Lacrosse to positively impact the sport at all levels.

Secured Financial Future: USA Lacrosse has grown as an organization and helped fuel the growth of the sport nationally and internationally. It has expanded educational programs and developed community level resources; funded research for increased player safety and programs that have improved the quality of experience for all players; and invested at the local and regional level to break down barriers to play. USA Lacrosse intends to build on these successful efforts and increase its capacity to drive the growth of the sport. 

Elevate Stature and Maximize Impact of National Teams: One of USA Lacrosse’s greatest assets is its National Team Program. National Team players and coaches embody the best of USA Lacrosse and the sport, both on and off the field, and they inspire young players. With proper support, National Teams can elevate the stature of the sport and model USA Lacrosse’s player development priorities. Increased investment in the National Team program will enable the country’s greatest players to have a greater impact on USA Lacrosse’s mission.

2019-23 Strategic Plan