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Member Benefits


Your membership features a subscription to USA Lacrosse Magazine, discounts to the USA Lacrosse Shop, playing opportunities, exclusive training resources and insurance coverage that travels with you.


Your membership offers best-in-class educational resources, drills and practice plans through the USA Lacrosse Mobile Coach, free background screening through NCSI and abuse awareness training.      


Your membership includes USA Lacrosse certification opportunity, best-in-class educational resources, game fee reimbursement coverage due to lacrosse injury and much more.

Membership Levels


$30 / YR

  • Designed for members aged 7-14
  • Includes partial subscription to USA Lacrosse Magazine (upgrade available)

High School

$35 / YR

  • Designed for members aged 15-18
  • Includes full subscription to USA Lacrosse Magazine


$55 / YR

  • Designed for members aged 23 and above
  • Includes full subscription to USA Lacrosse Magazine


$15 / YR

  • Introductory membership designed for members age 6 and younger
  • Includes partial subscription to USA Lacrosse Magazine (upgrade available)

Young Adult

$35 / YR

  • Designed for members aged 19 to 22
  • Includes full subscription to USA Lacrosse Magazine

Interested in Group Membership?

Our team of dedicated regional managers, located in 10 regions across the country, are ready to assist your program. We’ll use our experience from working with hundreds of programs to help you implement best practices and take full advantage of USA Lacrosse benefits designed to make your job easier and your program more successful.

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USA Lacrosse Membership

From Our Members

USA Lacrosse offers a host of benefits for our members. Who better to tell the story than our members themselves? This video highlights members around the country sharing what they like best about USA Lacrosse and how the organization is helping them.

Exclusive for Members

Your Membership Greatly Impacts the Lacrosse Community


Your membership helps us bring new people to the sport with initiatives like Try Lax, the First Stick Program and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion offerings.

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Member support allows USA Lacrosse to invest significant resources in lacrosse-specific injury research to help make the game safer for all participants.

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Thanks to our members, we’re able to develop online courses, hold in-person instructional clinics and host virtual events that educate coaches, officials, players and parents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my USA Lacrosse membership number? How can I find it?

Your membership number is found above your name on all mailings from USA Lacrosse including your magazine label. If we have a valid and legible e-mail address, your number was also sent to you when you renewed/joined. You can also visit My Account to find out your number.

How do I join or renew my membership with USA Lacrosse?

New and renewing members can register securely online. 

What is my membership renewal date?

All memberships are annual. Your membership renewal date is the last day of the month you joined the previous year.

What benefits do I receive with my membership?

Your membership features discounts and free shipping from the USA Lacrosse Shop; exclusive offers from our partners, sponsors and advertisers; annual subscription to the sport's premier feature publications, USA Lacrosse Magazine; best-in-class educational resources on the USA Lacrosse E-learning platform; free access to drills, videos and practice plans in the USA Lacrosse Mobile Coach app; insurance coverage that travels with you anywhere your lacrosse experience takes you; ticket discounts for LaxCon and other lacrosse games and events. Discover more about your benefits.

Who is covered by the USA Lacrosse insurance program?

Individual Members: Players, Coaches and Officials who are currently registered members of USA Lacrosse, and who are in good standing, are covered by the USA Lacrosse Insurance Program for the term of their membership. Fan members and International members do not receive insurance coverage as part of their membership benefits.

Coverage by Membership Category: How you register with USA Lacrosse dictates how the coverage will apply. For example, if you register as a player, you are covered when playing lacrosse (and not for officiating or coaching). Similarly, if you are registered as a coach you are covered for your coaching duties only; the insurance will not cover you if you decide to play in a tournament. In order for the Member Insurance Plan to cover you for more than one category of participation, you must indicate these multiple categories on your application.

Teams & Leagues: An important feature of the USA Lacrosse Insurance Program is that the Liability plan extends only to teams and leagues that are 100% registered with USA Lacrosse. In order for a team or league to be covered by the General Liability and Excess Liability policies, all players and coaches must be currently registered with USA Lacrosse. By doing so, your team or league as an entity will be protected by the Liability policies and you will be able to obtain Certificates of Insurance, which are typically needed in order to secure fields or facilities for lacrosse activities. In addition, the Liability plan will also extend to cover your board and volunteers if they are named in a lawsuit.

Don’t overlook this important aspect of team or league operations! Make sure your team or league is properly insured for liability so that you are not responsible for the financial and legal burden of handling a legal claim yourself.

Non-Members: No insurance coverage is provided to non-members while participating in lacrosse activities. However, if you are hosting a lacrosse event, such as a camp or clinic, you can purchase USA Lacrosse Event Insurance, which will provide liability insurance to you as the organizer, cover the event itself and all participants, including volunteers -- whether or not they are USA Lacrosse members. The Lacrosse Event insurance plans carry lower limits of Accident coverage, and more restricted liability coverage than that provided to USA Lacrosse members.

I haven't received my copy of USA Lacrosse Magazine. What's the delay?

USA Lacrosse Magazine is mailed at the end of the month prior to the issue date. The date your membership is processed will determine the first issue of USA Lacrosse Magazine you will receive. All adult and high school members receive all published issues. Youth members receive the February, March, April, May/June, July/August and November issues.

If you are a current member but have missed an issue, contact the Member Experience Team at 410.235.6882 ext. 102 or send an e-mail to We will send you a back issue, supplies permitting.

If you are a member and would like to purchase a back issue, the cost is $5. You may order by contacting the Member Experience Team at 410.235.6882 ext. 102 or send an e-mail to

How can I update my record including a change of address or personal information?

Members may now update their personal information on our website. Utilizing a secure USA Lacrosse web page, members may post their updated information directly into our database. If preferred, you may also e-mail any changes in personal information to Be sure to include the former information, corrected or new information, the member's name, and member number.

Where can I purchase USA Lacrosse merchandise?

USA Lacrosse merchandise can be ordered through the USA Lacrosse Shop

How can I make a donation to USA Lacrosse?

USA Lacrosse, a 501 (c) (3) organization, relies on tax deductible contributions to support its programs, services and national teams. Donations may be made in honor or memory of a special person or earmarked to support areas of interest. Click here to make a secure online donation.

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